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Surcharges on flights to Malaysia
There are substantial surcharges on airline tickets in general and therefore also on tickets to Malaysia. All of the following, unavoidable surcharges have been included in the total price mentioned on this web site. In our quotes which we send to you by email, you'll also find the total price itemized. This is important information for travellers, especially since the airline authorities and/or airlines have the right to change taxes or surcharges at any given moment in time. The prices indicated on our web site are those quoted at the time of publication and they are updated regularly. Included are:

Airport taxes and fuel surcharges
Malaysia Travel Plan include within our flight prices all pre-payable airport taxes, and fuel surcharges. Not all countries collect airport taxes in advance, and you pay for these when you come to leave the country. When you fly domestically in Malaysia the departure tax is US $10 or $25 if you're flying onto another country.
Fuel surcharges are the airlines response to the volatile price of air fuel. These have been changing quite a lot over the last few years, and are predicted to continue to rise. The price of your airline ticket is fixed once paid for in full, but whilst a flight is held on deposit, there is a chance that the price of fuel surcharges will increase and you will have to cover this extra cost when you come to pay the balance of your flights. Therefore Malaysia Travel Plan recommend paying in full for your flights, as soon as you are able to.

Please note that once a ticket has been paid for in full (issued) all rules relating to the ticket come into force, and the cheaper tickets tend to have more restrictions in terms of cancellation and date changes. Arranging your Travel Insurance as soon as you have paid for your flights will mean that you are covered immediately in the event of you being unable to travel due to illness or injury for example. See our Malaysia travel insurance for more details.

Your (E-)ticket
Nearly all airlines now issue electronic tickets (e-tickets). These have replaced the traditional 'paper ticket', and are much easier for everyone involved as there is no chance of tickets getting lost, stolen, defaced or washed etc ! The difference between a paper ticket and an e-ticket is that all of your flight information is located in the airline reservation system, rather than being printed on a paper ticket. After you book your flights with us you'll receive an invoice along with your itinerary details, and the airlines E-ticket reference for your flight. Another difference between an e-ticket and a regular paper ticket is that the paper ticket was considered a valuable document, as it cost money to replace. E-tickets are paperless and therefore there is no problem if you lose you printed reference, the airline will be able to find you in their system with just your passport names. Due to the benefits of the e-ticketing system, we try to book these wherever possible. Sometimes for smaller domestic flights you may still be issued a paper ticket, treat these as though they were money.

A non-stop flight will not land at any stop between your departure location and your destination, a direct flight will not include a change of planes however you may have to make one or more (technical) stops along the way. A 'stop-over' is a stop of more than 24 hours or even several days or weeks. On some occasions your flight may be operated by another international partner of the airline. If this is known in advance we'll do our best to let you know. During long flights it's important to get up and move about as much as possible, drink plenty of water and be aware of the risk of thrombosis. All airlines prohibit smoking during the flight.

Flight ticket insurance
The number of airlines that have run into financial difficulties in the last ten years has risen. In order to protect against the loss of your money in this event, Malaysia Travel Plan includes 'Scheduled airlines failure insurance' on every flight ticket we sell. If for any reason the airline you were due to travel with goes bankrupt, you'll receive your money back up to a maximum of £1500 per ticket. We'll send more details of this along with your flight invoice.

Check-in/ seat reservations/ meal preferences
Some airlines offer online check-in, all you should require to do this is your E-ticket reference and your surname. Some airlines allow you to select your seat reservation in advance, although basic requests (window, aisle) can be made through us, anything more complicated should be directed to the airline directly. Emergency exit seats are not pre-bookable, and will not be offered to children, babies and people with disabilities (in case of an emergency). If you have a meal preference (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc) this can be added to your main flight reservation, as long as you instruct us to do so at least 48 hours before your departure.

Flight times/ reconfirmation

The flight times provided to you at the time of your booking can change over time, and we will endever to keep you up to date with these schedule changes made by the airlines, but it's important for you to check all the flight times prior to travelling to the airports. Some flights must be reconfirmed with the airline 72 hours before departure, if you flight is not direct be sure to reconfirm the onward leg to your destination. The responsibility to reconfirm flights is always the passenger. Our local agent can help you with reconfirmation but will charge a small fee payable locally. It's quite common for people to reconfirm their flights themselves locally, by calling the airline's reservations desk in that country. Another alternative is to ask the hotel reception staff to assist you with this, as they will usually either have the telephone number you need or can help look it up for you.


You are allowed 20 kg of check-in luggage per person on international Economy Class flights. There is usually no limit to the number of actual pieces of luggage. You may also carry on 1 piece of hand luggage, depending on which class you've booked. Carry on's must fit under your chair or in the overhead bin, the maximum size and weight varies from airline to airline so you should check with the airline you are flying with at least the day before departure. Information, rates and terms and conditions for transporting unusual or heavy baggage can usually be found on the airlines website, or by calling their general reservations number. Don't forget to label your luggage clearly on the outside (and inside), luggage tags will be available at the airport from the airlines check in desk.

Some of the smaller airlines we use for domestic, or short international flights around Asia which are included within your travel plan, may only allow 15kg of free check-in luggage. You can pay a small fee locally if you need to check in extra baggage above this limit, and this can be done on the day at check-in. With Berjaya Air flights the max is 10KG and for all Air Asia flights the max is 15KG.

Change fees for flights
The rules regarding changes to airline tickets varies from airline to airline, and if possible the airlines will almost always charge a fee to do so.
Full date change and cancellation rules will be supplied when purchasing your air tickets through us. Please note that name changes are almost always treated as a cancellation, and rebook. Therefore it is very important to supply us with your name as it appears in your passport, we need your first name and surname, middle names are not required.

Personal information
Malaysia Travel Plan may be required to provide passenger information to airlines and international organisations which we will do, this complies with the Data Protection Act.

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