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Malaysia and Borneo boast an exotic mix of cultures and unforgettable sights. Wander through the lively night market in Kuala Lumpur, explore dense jungles, sample delicious delicacies, meet gentle orangutans in Borneo and get to know the native tribes before stretching out on the soft white sands of a paradise beach. Whether you're planning on visiting either Malaysia or Borneo, or perhaps even both, there's so much variety and we'll help you build your own independent Malaysia and Borneo Travel Plan. 

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What does Malaysia Travel Plan offer?

Malaysia Travel Plan offers you the opportunity to put together your own unique Malaysia and Borneo travel experience, by giving you a choice of bite-sized trips. Each of these Malaysia and Borneo trips last 3-4 days and has been carefully put together by our team of Malaysia and Borneo travel specialists, who all have personal in-depth knowledge of Malaysia and Borneo. 

We also offer a number of suggested Malaysia and Borneo itineraries based on our favourite combinations of bite-sized trips.

Beschrijving van afbeelding
Beschrijving van afbeelding
Beschrijving van afbeelding

Build your own Malaysia & Borneo itinerary with our selection of trips

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Discover the Real Malaysia

During your Malaysia itinerary, you'll stay in unique, small-scale accommodation with an authentic Malay atmosphere. One night you might be staying in a lodge amidst the tropical jungle, the next with a local Malay family, and the next in a cosy beach bungalow on soft white sand. Our experienced Malaysia and Borneo travel specialists have carefully selected an interesting combination of accommodation with Malay character. Don't know where to visit in Malaysia yet? Take a look at our inspiration page.

Booking your Malaysia Travel Plan with no worries

As an internet travel agency, we work quickly and efficiently behind the scenes. Our travel specialists have an in-depth knowledge of travel in Malaysia and Borneo, and look forward to creating the perfect Malaysia holiday for you. Simply note down the bite-sized Malaysia and Borneo trips or suggested itinerary you're interested in and submit your enquiry via My Travel Plan. Alternatively, you can always contact us by phone and we'll send you a no-obligation quotation for your Malaysia and Borneo Travel Plan.

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